The People’s Swedish Dictionary

provides a tablet-friendly, touch-optimized user interface for the Folkets lexikon web service that is available at It provides a simple dictionary for translations of English words to Swedish, and vice versa.


Please note that this App does not contain its own pool of terms and translations, but relies on the Folkets lexikon online service. For detailed information about the web service and instructions on how to contribute to the dictionary, please visit About the People’s Dictionary!

Always by your side

The App automatically adapts to the available screen space. When running in full-screen mode, three columns are displayed, containing the search box and proposals for entered terms, search results, and detailed information for one selected result term, respectively. However, it’s also possible to use the App side-by-side with any other Windows Store App: In this case, the displayed information is automatically rearranged according to the available space. This allows you to leave the App open in a small area at the border of the screen while reading web pages in a browser or documents in any viewer App, and look up words without the need of switching between Apps!

Folkets lexikon: Full-screen
Folkets lexikon: Split-screen 1

Folkets lexikon: Split-screen 2