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Andreas Kuntner, born in 1985, Vienna. Had my first experience in programming in the late 90s and am still fascinated today, working as professional software developer. Previous experience with Java, ActionScript, PHP, JavaScriptand several others, however at the moment I’m living in the .NET world writing mostly C# code. My everyday projects vary from WPF to web front-end, webservices and many other topics, while in my spare time I’m totally into software development for mobile devices, including everything from Xamarin till MVVM. Whenever I have enough spare time to finish one of my App-projects or to publish or update a library for developers, the results will be published here (the same applies, by the way, for my research papers focusing on mobile usability topics).


In my blog articles, I regularly publish some of the problems and solutions I’ve come across and describe techniques I’m working on at the moment, in order to share my solutions with other developers working on a similar problem.

Unfortunately I had to turn off the comment feature on all blog articles due to the huge amount of spam messages, but if there are any questions, suggestions, discussions, … feel free to contact me via e-mail and I’ll answer as soon as possible!


If you have any comments, feature requests, bug reports or anything you’d like to tell me, drop me a line:


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