Please note that the Memo App is not available on the Windows Store any more!

Organize all your notes using Memo!

Memo turns your smartphone into a notebook – offering the most important functionality for writing down short notes and keeping track of them anywhere and anytime.

Memo focuses on the simple and clean Windows Phone user interface, which ensures that the App can intuitively be used by everybody, without the need of extensive training.

Notizen sortierenAll notes are displayed in a well-arranged list view, clearly separated from each other. They can be moved and re-arranged in any user-defined order – ensuring that the most important information is always at the top of the list!

Notizen auf der Startseite verknüpfenTapping on one note opens its content in the detail view, allowing easy access to the elementary editing functions: Read, write, and delete notes. As an additional feature, single notes can be pinned to the start screen of your phone. This guarantees that the most important notes are always at your fingertip, without even navigating through the list of all notes!

Memo is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace:

A detailed introduction of all the single functions featured by Memo is available on the page Memo for Windows Phone – Details instructions

New functions in version 2.0

  • Add a color to a note to separate it more clearly from other notes
  • Display of the number of written notes in the App tile on the start screen
  • Support both German and English language
  • Distinct Settings page allows language selection and changing App tile display modes

New functions in version 1.1

  • Send notes as e-mail or text message
  • Sort notes alphabetically
  • New notes automatically appear at the top of the list of notes
  • Improvements on the Details page